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Everything you need to analyze organizational networks in one place - with custom survey tools, built-in passive data integrations and fully customizable network visualizations
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Your all-in-one tool for Organizational Network Analysis

Unlock comprehensive network insights with custom surveys, seamless data integrations, and powerful analytics.
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Custom surveys

Use our integrated, fully flexible survey tools to collect any descriptive or relationship data
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BYO data

Have additional data? Upload any data you want using common file types like Excel or use our flexible API
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Passive data integrations

Access metadata from tools you already use like Office365, Google Workspace, Microsoft Teams and Slack
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Powerful analysis

With 30+ metrics included, Polinode is built to visualize and analyze as many as 50k nodes and 250k edges

Explore our comprehensive solutions

From uncovering the hidden influencers in your organization through to improving collaboration and much more
Identify influencers
Identifying influential individuals within your organization can significantly enhance your change management strategies and operational effectiveness. Polinode's advanced network analysis tools enable you to pinpoint these key players, leveraging their natural networks to foster communication, drive change, and ensure that strategic messages are amplified effectively.
Discover individuals pivotal to information flow and network connectivity
Leverage influential team members to drive organizational change effectively
Target key influencers to optimize the reach and impact of messages
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Collaboration matrix by division
Improve collaboration & break down silos
Effective collaboration is the backbone of a successful organization. With Polinode, you can analyze and improve the ways in which teams interact. Our tools help you identify silos, optimize teamwork, and balance workloads across departments, ensuring a cohesive and agile business environment.
Visualize and understand collaboration patterns with a heatmap to identify and address silos
Use insights to balance workloads and foster more effective interdepartmental teamwork
Enhance communication across all levels of your organization to reduce friction and improve decision making
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Organization design
Use the power of informal networks to help design more agile and responsive organizations.
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Support onboarding
Help new starters and internal mobility candidates integrate into existing networks quickly and effectively.
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Identify hidden or emerging talent
Discover and cultivate the untapped or rising stars within your organization to drive innovation and growth.
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Promote diversity and inclusion
Go beyond representation and actively measure and improve inclusion, using the power of networks to drive change.
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Prevent collaboration overload
Identify teams and individuals that are at risk of overload before it's too late to address and intervene.
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Map ecosystems
Measure and evaluate partner ecosystems as a Not-for-Profit, Funding Organisation or Consultant.
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Real impact, real results: hear from our satisfied users

Polinode is used by some of the most innovative and forward-thinking enterprises and consultants in the world today.
Polinode’s integrated suite of Organizational Network Analysis tools is unrivaled. I particularly value the ease with which you can collect network data through flexible relationship-based surveys and quickly turn that data into insights via interactive network visualization and analysis. With Polinode I can focus on actionable insights rather than time-consuming data manipulation and engineering.
Speech marks
Speech marks
Michael Arena profile photo
Michael Arena
Dean of Cromwell Business School and Author of Adaptive Space
Polinode has been instrumental in transforming our approach to organizational design using network analysis. By leveraging Polinode's powerful platform, we have been able to visualize combined passive and active collaborative networks with a level of clarity that was previously unimaginable. The unique insights we've gained from Polinode have improved our operational efficiency and fostered a more connected and innovative workplace, sparking curiosity and driving us to explore further.
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Speech marks
Profile picture for Hemerson Paes.
Hemerson Paes
Senior Global Network Catalyst, Roche
I have been a network and data researcher for 15 years and my Ph.D. thesis explored algorithms for forecasting decaying networks. I have also written multiple academic papers on networks and have run both SNA and data courses at two universities over the last ten years. You have a tremendously intuitive and powerful SNA tool. I have worked with a large number of network analysis tools and your tool surpasses all of them.
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Speech marks
Profile photo for Amit Rechavi.
Amit Rechavi
Senior Lecturer, Reichman University
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People Leaders
We work with CEOs, CHROs and other leaders to help them grow and transform businesses
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People Analytics
Collect and analyze network data easily with our cloud-based platform so you can quickly move to actionable insights
Deliver transformative insights to your clients with our ONA tools, complementing and expanding your existing offerings
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Academics and Researchers
Polinode is used by leading academics and universities around the world for both research and teaching network analysis
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Not-for-Profit Organizations
Our community of Not-for-Profits uses Polinode to map ecosystems, understand partner relationships and to measure and evaluate projects
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Developers and Software Vendors
We partner with other vendors so that they can embed Polinode's powerful network analysis capabilities into their own products
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Optional professional services
Optionally work with some of the leading global experts in Organizational Network Analysis to help you get the most out of the Polinode platform.
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Unlock the hidden insights in your organization
Look past the boxes and lines of traditional org charts and see how your organization actually works.