Prevent Overload

Prevent collaborative overload & analyze work patterns

Understand your organization’s work patterns to boost performance and prevent burnout with Polinode.
Example work patterns analysis output.
Optimize work patterns and prevent burnout
What if you could understand your organization’s work patterns to prevent burnout and get the most out of your team’s performance?

Polinode can help you understand how teams are working, individually or together, so you can help your people avoid burnout.
Organizations use Polinode to answer questions such as:
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What hours are different teams working?
Are certain people or teams routinely starting early or staying late to stay on top of their typical workload?
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How much time are people spending in meetings?
Are people or teams spending too much time in meetings and not getting enough individual focus time?
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Are meetings or in-person time used productively?
To what degree are teams or groups multi-tasking (e.g. sending emails, answering instant messages) during meetings?
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How have work patterns changed over time?
Have people’s work patterns changed, for instance, since the shift to remote or hybrid work? Are there areas of the organization where regular one-on-ones with managers are not happening or decreasing in frequency?
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How do different work patterns impact engagement?
Are there any correlations between how people are working and how engaged they are?
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Are there particular groups of people under high load or at risk of overload?
Where do they sit within the organization and what strategies can be put in place to retain them and/or minimize organizational risk?
Unlock the hidden insights in your organization
Look past the boxes and lines of traditional org charts and see how your organization actually works.