Onboarding & Development

Support onboarding, learning & development

Maximize your talent by supporting employees throughout their lifecycle with data-driven insights.
Diagram showing a plot of tenure vs degree of connectivity in an organization.
Enhance employee development with Polinode
People are a company’s most important assets. Are you supporting your people and making the most of your talent?

Polinode can help you better support your people across their full lifecycle, from onboarding and ongoing learning and development, and help you identify hidden or emerging talent and nurture your diverse talent.

Identify the hidden relationships that may be critical to a new hire doing well in your organization and design a more effective onboarding plan to help them be productive sooner.

Support ongoing learning and development with customized reports for individuals so they can understand their personal effectiveness in an organization, as well as how they compare to their peers.
Organizations use Polinode to answer key questions such as:
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How do other individuals see them?
Are they seen as a particular source of knowledge, energy, support, or innovation?
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Which people, levels, and teams are they connected to?
How does that compare to their peers?
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How diverse are their networks?
How diverse are those who consider them their mentor?
Unlock the hidden insights in your organization
Look past the boxes and lines of traditional org charts and see how your organization actually works.