Stand out from the crowd, improve your sales, and deliver more value for your clients by bringing powerful organizational network analysis insights to your clients.
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Unlock powerful insights for your clients
Polinode allows you to easily collect and analyze organizational network data and to provide your clients with powerful insights about their own people.

Large and small consultancies alike use Polinode to support their most visible and high-risk projects such as:
  • Identifying change agents and cultural influencers to improve the likely success of major transformation programs
  • Gaining insights into key strengths, critical dependencies, and bottlenecks to inform major organizational redesign
  • Improving the likelihood of M&A success by understanding how each organization works and assessing progress on post-merger integration
Polinode is a flexible tool that has also been used by consultants to assist with applications as varied as:
  • Driving cultural change by combining relationship data with culture and engagement data to identify groups in an organization that are more engaged or more isolated
  • Assessing diversity, equity, and inclusion in an organization and identifying potential strategies to improve
  • Improving marketing effectiveness by identifying keywords for SEO and assisting with social listening
  • Understanding true brand and customer sentiment by collecting and extracting open source intelligence from sources such as Twitter data
These insights can be particularly helpful for general managers, leaders of business units or multiple teams, new leaders transitioning in, leaders of hybrid and remote teams, and other senior executives.
We’re here to help you
Whether you’re an expert user of organizational network analysis or looking to get started, Polinode is here to help you. We offer a standard 3-day training course for people getting started or looking to brush up their organizational network analysis skills. We also offer standard, fixed price organizational network analysis reports to help shortcut your effort and get to insights faster. Please contact us to discuss further.
Unlock the hidden insights in your organization
Look past the boxes and lines of traditional org charts and see how your organization actually works.