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Building a strong community through events and collaboration

Join our thriving community of academics, People Analytics professionals, Not-for-Profit organizations, and Partners to engage in cutting-edge discussions and presentations on Organizational Network Analysis.
We think that community is very important and are proud of the community that exists around Polinode - it’s a community that includes a large number of academics, People Analytics professionals, Not-for-Profit organizations and Partners.

This community comes together virtually on a regular basis - generally about four times a year. Usually this includes a presentation which is often on particularly interesting or cutting edge applications of Organizational Network Analysis. We call these events Polinode Enterprise Connect and we will sometimes put on events for subsets of our community (e.g. focussed on academics or Not-for-Profits or consultants / Partners).

If you are interested in joining our community (even if you are not a current Polinode customer - we are very welcoming) please fill out the form to tell us a little about yourself as these events are typically invite only.
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