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Streamline your research with Polinode's powerful organizational network analysis tools. Enjoy special discounts for research and free access for classroom use, allowing you to focus on what matters most.
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Use Polinode to collect and analyze network data for research purposes
Wouldn’t it be great to spend your time on research and not on coding or messy data collection?

Polinode has been embraced by academics and researchers at leading institutions around the world to run and conduct organizational network analysis. We can help you understand collaboration and any changes over time, and answer research questions about the way organizations work or don’t work.

We are proud to support academics and researchers with a 30% discount whenever Polinode is used for research purposes. To apply for this 30% discount, simply sign up for an individual account and then email
Polinode for teaching: empowering the next generation
Teaching a network analysis course at an accredited university? Polinode is proud to make our platform free for classroom use. Our product is used by leading institutions around the world, from Yale and Columbia in the United States to Cambridge University and London Business School in the United Kingdom.

Polinode for teaching includes free access to the full suite of Polinode functionality, including the ability to:
  • Upload both public and private networks
  • Run all of our built-in network analysis metrics, including PageRank, Betweenness centrality, and Louvain Community Detection
  • Run and save network layouts with up to 50 different views for each of your networks
  • Run relationship-based surveys and immediately generate interactive networks
  • Provision and manage accounts for students as needed
To request free access to Polinode for teaching for your course, simply fill out the below form:
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If your request is approved, we will be in touch within one business day with instructions on how to access your free classroom account.
Unlock the hidden insights in your organization
Look past the boxes and lines of traditional org charts and see how your organization actually works.