Talent Identification

Identify and retain hidden or emerging talent

Uncover and support key individuals in your organization who may be flying under the radar.
Table illustrating the output of finding hidden talent.
Enhance talent visibility with Polinode
Despite best efforts, executives and people leaders often do not have much visibility of the people more than 1-2 levels below them.

Polinode changes that by providing a systematic view of the people in your organization who are playing vital roles but may be “flying under the radar” so you can better support and retain them.

Organizations use Polinode to identify hidden or emerging talent, for instance, people who are particularly respected for their knowledge, innovative ideas, or ability to foster collaboration between different teams even after controlling for tenure and level.
You can use Polinode to collect and answer questions such as:
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Who is a source of knowledge for you?
Who is a source of knowledge for you?
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Who would you turn to for help with solving a problem?
Find the go-to problem solvers on your team.
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Who connects you to other teams?
Discover individuals who bridge gaps between teams.
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Who connects you to outside customers?
Recognize those who link your organization to external customers.
Unlock the hidden insights in your organization
Look past the boxes and lines of traditional org charts and see how your organization actually works.