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Everything you need to analyze organizational networks in one place—with custom survey tools, built-in passive data integrations, and fully customizable network visualizations.
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Get under the hood and see how things actually work

Many of us are accustomed to thinking of organizations in terms of the traditional boxes and lines. However, as anyone can attest, the reality of how organizations work is far more complex.
Formal Structure
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Organizational network analysis surfaces the informal, often hidden relationships within an organization, so people can take steps to improve how an organization works.

Where people are working well together, where things can be improved, and who the hidden and emerging talent in an organization is are just a few examples.
Network Structure
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By using this knowledge, you can tap into new sources of talent and design better ways of working.

You can also track how relationships change over time to understand whether the strategies you put in place are having their intended impact. It’s easy to monitor for changes: with our passive data integrations, your data is refreshed daily.

Learn more about how people apply Polinode

No two organizations are alike and no two applications of Organizational Network Analysis but there are a number of use cases where we repeatedly see our users derive significant value.
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Identify Influencers

Uncover key players within the organization or industry to drive engagement and impact.
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Improve Collaboration

Enable seamless information sharing, cross-functional teamwork and efficient communication. 
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Organization Design

Optimize organizational structures, roles, and responsibilities to enhance agility and performance.
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Onboarding & Development

Accelerate onboarding, provide personalized learning experiences and foster continuous growth.
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Talent Identification

Uncover and nurture potential leaders, experts and sometimes underrecognized contributors.
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Diversity & Inclusion

Help create a level playing field, reduce bias and foster an inclusive work environment.
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Prevent Overload

Manage and prioritize collaboration requests to maximize productivity and prevent burnout.
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Map ecosystems

Visualize and analyze the interconnectedness of stakeholders, partners and industry dynamics.
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Unlock the hidden insights in your organization
Look past the boxes and lines of traditional org charts and see how your organization actually works.