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Not-for-profit organizations and foundations

Harness the power of Polinode to map and understand your ecosystem for greater impact.
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How Polinode supports the not-for-profit sector
It takes a village to raise a child… it takes an ecosystem to create systemic change.

Polinode has been used by leading not-for-profits and foundations around the world to understand and map the people, partners and entities operating in their ecosystem so they can better understand how they fit into the ecosystem, who are their potential allies and blockers, and measure and communicate their role and impact.
Funding organizations have also used Polinode to map and measure relationships between organizations they fund and other stakeholders, including other partner, funding, or impact organizations.

We are proud to support not-for-profit organizations and foundations with a 30% discount whenever Polinode is used by registered Not-for-Profits. Simply email us at support@polinode.com to apply for this discount.
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