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We believe in the importance of networks and connection and we place a high value on our relationships with our Partners. We partner in four different ways as described on this page.

If you would like to chat to us about how we could work together and add additional value to each other’s offerings please contact us. 
Platform access
We provide full platform access to Partner organizations, i.e. organizations that provide consulting or similar services to other organizations. This typically includes access to all of our Enterprise features and all of our Networks and Surveys functionality at a discounted rate. It is most often used by consultants to run Active Organizational Network Analyses for their clients.
Value Added Reseller (VAR)
We run a Value Added Reseller program where we enter into a VAR Agreement with selected organizations such that they can market the Polinode platform to their customers. From a commercial perspective, in addition to your own value-added services we also offer a VAR margin. This option is most commonly used by consulting Partners that want to offer Passive Organizational Network Analysis solutions to their clients.  
Referral agreement
Not every potential Polinode Partner wants to be directly involved in delivering ONA services - sometimes they are looking for a reliable Partner that they can introduce their relationships to and who can support those organizations in running an Organizational Network Analysis project. In this situation we are happy to enter into a Referral Agreement and, frequently, that is a mutual Referral Agreement.   
Embedded solutions
We make available our world-leading network analysis and visualization functionality to a select group of Partners via secure embedding, i.e. where you embed our technology seamlessly in your solution. These are typically annual (or longer) agreements with Independent Software Vendors (ISVs).

In some situations we will partner with an organization in more than one way, for example, by providing Platform Access to run Active ONAs as well as by entering into a Value Added Reseller Agreement.
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