Diversity & Inclusion

Promote diversity, equity, and inclusion

Understand where your diverse talent is thriving and where there might be gaps, so you can take meaningful steps towards a more inclusive and equitable workplace.
Network diagram illustrating Diversity, Equity and Inclusion application of Organizational Network Analysis.
Diverse and inclusive teams are correlated with stronger performance.
However, traditional diversity and inclusion metrics focus on measuring the proportion of people who are under-represented. That doesn’t tell us anything about whether an organization is truly inclusive and making the most of its diversity.

Polinode can help you understand how and to what extent your diverse talent is connected to the rest of your organization.
Diagram comparing representation to inclusion for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.
The diagram above illustrates what we mean. In this organization there is an approximately equal representation of males compared to females. However, once we understand that the triangular node above represents a senior leader we can understand the importance of looking beyond representation as that male leader is exclusively connected to other males in the organization.
Organizations use Polinode to answer diversity and inclusion questions such as:
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Representation of diverse talent
How well is your diverse talent represented within the most influential parts of your organization?
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Inclusivity across the organization
Are there some parts of the organization that are more or less inclusive than others? Are there parts of the organization where your diverse talent might be feeling more isolated?
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Access to mentorship
Does your diverse talent have access to the same level of mentorship, whether formal or informal?
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Impact of unconscious bias
To what degree might unconscious bias be affecting hiring and promotion decisions in your organization?
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Recognition of diverse talent
Is some of your diverse talent currently “flying under the radar”?
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