June 19, 2017

Announcing an Integration Between Polinode and NodeXL Pro

Andrew Pitts

Today we are thrilled to jointly announce with the Social Media Research Foundation, developers of NodeXL, that NodeXL Pro now directly exports to Polinode Networks. This is a very powerful integration and one that many users have asked for over the last few years. If you haven’t come across NodeXL before, it’s a popular Excel add-in that supports social network analysis. NodeXL Pro is the paid version of NodeXL and supports the collection of data from social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The bottom line is that by using this direct integration you can now collect social network data directly from these social networks without writing a line of code and then export that data directly into Polinode. Polinode is a browser-based tool for visualising and analysing network data - one of the key attractions of using Polinode is that, because it’s browser-based, it’s easy to share and collaborate on the analysis of social network data.

How Does the Integration Work?

Firstly you will need a NodeXL Pro account and a paid Polinode Networks subscription. Details on NodeXL Pro pricing can be found here but briefly a student licence is $29 / year, a non-profit or academic license is $199 / year and a commercial license is $749 / year. A Polinode Networks subscription starts at just $20 / month for Commercial users (less a discount for academic or non-profit users - just ask us). You can find more details on Polinode pricing here.

We know that many Polinode users already have NodeXL Pro subscriptions so if that is the case for you then you can take advantage of the integration straight away. Regardless, once you have set up both accounts, all you need to do is generate a set of Polinode API keys. You can do this from within the application by navigating to Account Settings and then clicking on API Keys and creating a set of API keys as per the screenshot below.                


Then, once you have a set of Polinode API keys, simply navigate to Export To and then select Polinode from within NodeXL Pro as per the screenshots below. You will then be able to paste the Public Key and Private Key that you generated from Polinode and export your networks directly from NodeXL Pro to Polinode.               


That way you can easily share, visualize and analyze data from sources such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube directly in Polinode!               

How to Learn More and Get Started with the Integration?

Marc Smith, Co-Founder of the Social Media Research Foundation, and Andrew Pitts, Founder & CEO of Polinode, will be running a free joint webinar where they will demonstrate how to use NodeXL Pro and Polinode together.  

For further information or if you have any specific questions and can’t make the webinar, please email either info@polinode.com or info@smrfoundation.org.               



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