December 15, 2015

We are Celebrating Passing 1,000 Signups With a New Layout Algorithm

Andrew Pitts

Two Milestones Passed

We are thrilled to report that over the last couple of weeks we passed two important milestones:

  1. Polinode passed 1,000 signups - we are still pleased though to see each and every signup come through so if you haven't got in touch with us yet please feel free to send us an email at
  2. We quietly exited private beta - after slightly over 12 months in private beta we flipped the switch last week and opened up Polinode to the world. So, there are no more invites - direct signup takes about 15 seconds.

New Layout Algorithm

Last week was a big week for us so we thought we'd celebrate by adding a new layout algorithm! In addition to the Force Directed layout algorithm that has always been available, we've now added a Hierarchical layout algorithm. You can see it in action below!

We've also improved the Force Directed layout by adding an auto stop option for it so now the layout will automatically stop once it has converged. And finally, we have added an additional export option - GraphML. So, you can now export networks in any one of the following formats:

  1. PNG (Image)
  2. SVG (Image)
  3. Excel
  4. GEXF
  5. GraphML

We hope you enjoy these new features and don't hesitate to get in touch with further ideas and suggestions!

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